Insurance and Billing

Spurlock Chiropractic Centre accepts patients from all insurance providers, although we may not be contracted providers for your specific insurance. However, we will work with you in order to provide the best chiropractic and financial experience.

We want to answer as many of your questions at your visit. Please prepare for this by bringing:
  • Health Insurance Card(s), with your correct legal name (if photo ID and insurance card names do not match, you must bring a piece of mail delivered to you with your correct name and current address).
  • A photo ID with current address (if you have moved since obtaining your photo ID and the address does not match, you must bring a piece of mail delivered to you with your current name and current address).
  • A list of all medications you are taking currently, including dosages or a printout from your pharmacy. Your CURRENT medications in their proper containers.
  • A copy of your XRAYS/CT SCANS/MRI SCANS and reports unless taken at St. Claire Regional Medical Center.
  • Completed FORMS below

Patient Forms

The following forms can be downloaded to your computer and printed at home. By filling out these forms ahead of time you will save significant time at the time of your visit. If you have any questions when filling out these forms, please do the best you can, our staff will assist you with your questions on the day of your visit.

Please print and complete the appropriate forms below:
Patient Medical History Complaint Head Neck Arm
Worker's Comp Questionnaire Complaint Low Back Hip Leg
Auto Accident Information Complaint Mid Back Rib Chest
The above documents are in Adobe® PDF format. They require Adobe Reader to be viewed. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free by clicking on the Adobe PDF icon.
Abode Reader

Worker’s Compensation

By concentrating on lumbar and cervical spine injuries, Spurlock Chiropractic Centre leads the way in the handling of worker's compensation cases and motor vehicle accidents.

Anyone who has suffered an injury in the workplace knows that it can be a traumatic experience. One of the most important decisions one can make, is finding an experienced doctor who can help in the treatment of work related injuries. Spurlock Chiropractic Centre is experienced in handling all aspects of worker's compensation claims.

The early, accurate diagnosis and treatment of spinal injuries is critical to containing the damage that can result from a serious back or neck injury.

No Fault

What is no fault? "No fault insurance" is a general term that is used to describe any auto insurance system that both require drivers to carry insurance for their own protection, and that places limitations on their ability to sue other drivers for damages. In an accident, under no fault laws, your auto insurance company will pay for your damages (up to your policy limits), regardless of whom was at fault for the accident. Any other drivers involved will be covered by their auto insurance policies. The actual no fault part of your auto insurance policy is usually called personal injury protection, or PIP.

If you have suffered a neck or spine injury on the job, in an auto accident or in a fall, Spurlock Chiropractic Centre is here to help. If you have questions regarding worker's compensation or no fault please contact us via email at or call us at 784-1115 or 1-800-318-4444.